Caring For Yell Bands™

Every product has a limited life span. There are things that can be done to extend the life of Yell Bands™.



To get the best out of your Yell Band™, keep it clean.

When dirty, rinse the inside of the Yell Band™ with warm water and use a clean cloth to wipe away any stubborn dirt or grime. Then allow the product to air dry.


Protecting and Storing:

Never store your Yell Band™ in hot vehicles or on window sills where they are exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. Doing so could result in the bleaching of colors.

Keep your Yell Band™ in a climate controlled area. Yell Bands™ are great for showing people that you support a certain team and that you attended games. Keep it on your desk or on a shelf until your team needs you again.