Power of Yell Bands™

YellBandology™– The study of fans changing the outcome of games by suiting up and becoming power fans.

You CAN change the game and represent your team better….

First, fans feel more motivated and empowered to cheer loudly when they have Yell Bands™, making for a more energetic and passionate stand presence. Why is this important?

Most sports fans don’t realize the effect they can have on games! Sure, they know to cheer for their favorite teams but they don’t fully understand the gravity and power of being loud fans.

Loud fan cheers release adrenaline in players who are being cheered-on and that adrenaline causes players to run faster, hit harder, be more motivated and more aggressively pursue whatever it takes to perform well and score. This can’t be over stated.

Conversely, loud fans jeering make it harder for the opposing players to hear play signals, orient their position on the field in complicated plays or simply hear the foot steps of players closing in from behind. Fumbles, steals, penalties, miscommunication, interceptions, broken plays, and mistakes are the result. All of these present your favorite team opportunities to win.

As a fan, you are an integral part of the success of your favorite team, player or organization. Yell Bands™ help you make your team more powerful.

The opponent’s fans will be ready. Show support for your team! Suit up!

Get Yell Bands™ and be ready whenever your team needs you!

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