Stores & Affiliates


Selling Yell Bands™ in your stores is one of the smartest business moves you can make because doing so can help you sell more of your existing products as well.


Think about it!  Every Yell Band™ that you sell is worn into crowds of people that will ask the first buyer where he/she got it. The first buyer indicates your store, sending additional people to your store where they buy Yell Bands™ and other products too. So, the Yell Bands™ you sell act as a store traffic drawing mechanism that can help your business increase sells.

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Selling Yell Bands™ on your websites, via your social media accounts and email lists is one of the smartest moves you can make because selling Yell Bands™ is easy and  lucrative.

That’s right! You can make money with your website visitors, email lists and existing followers. Or you can set up new email lists, social media accounts and social media groups dedicated to sports related topics and promote Yell Bands™ there.

Every Yell Band™ that is sold via you directing buyers to will get you paid 15% of the sale total! There are billions of sports fans online. We have Yell Bands™ for them all!

Make Your Money by following these simple steps:

  1. Create an affiliate account and get approved.
  2. Post and email Yell Band™ advertisements and banner ads to your lists and followings.
  3. Get paid for every Yell Band and case of Yell Bands that is purchased from the click coming from your affiliate ID number.

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